The craft of Tadelakt is a Moroccan tradition, using lime from some parts of Morocco. Literally translated of the word Tadelakt means the action of rubbing in. This is where olive soap is rubbed in creating a hydrophobic lime plaster, it can be used on the interior and exterior of buildings. Its traditional way of applying, includes polishing with smooth stone aswell as olive soap (Saboon Al Baldi) the result is a beautiful surface which is water repellent . Tadelakt is widely used in Moroccan homes, especially in the old parts of cities (old medina's) and specifically in south of Morocco. While nothern cities like Fez used zellig in bathrooms and in other parts of the house. Nowadays, Tadelakt has crossed the borders and you can find it in luxurious buildings throughout the world. Taqlidi has been practicing this old Moroccan tradition in the UK and can help clients to enjoy the beauty of the craft in their homes.

Tadelakt can be applied in all corners of a house including, floors and steps. However, Taqlidi recommends the use of Tadelakt on walls only.  The traditional way of making and applying tadelakt is as follow:

  • Plaster powder is mixed with water for dozen of  hours before the addition of pigment.
  • When the mix is ready; plaster is applied to the wall in tick coat with a wooden flat tools,  a smooth, hard stone is used after to compress the plaster, finally the olive oil soap (Saboon Beldi) is applied to seal the wall producing master piece eco-water proof piece of art.